Western / Texas Clocks

It’s all about the west — custom western clocks that feature ranches, longhorns, horses and Texas.

Many western ranches have had these western wall clocks created showing their ranch name as well as their brand.  Often they are hanging over the fireplace in their ranch houses.  They are a special symbol of their home as well as their business.

Some individuals have had custom clocks created to add to their western wall decor.  To achieve the old west look, we have created many western style wall clocks with the logos and designs of different old western businesses from around the late 1800s.  Lone Star Mercantile and The Cattleman’s Bank of Texas were created to symbolize that era with 1890 designs, with aged dials and rusted steel hands, etc.

Longhorn cattle are still popular in the west, and the longhorn itself is the symbol of many organizations today.  Our longhorn clocks are very special to many customers.  Clocks with horses and cowboys are also very popular western clocks.

The State of Texas clock has been one of our most popular clocks.  For personalized Texas gifts, this clock has been exceptional.  We have made them for the governor of the state of Texas, the Lt. Governor, state senators, representatives, judges as well as regular Texas citizens, and even gifts for new born Texans.  We also have made the Republic of Texas clock.

Before the hurricane in 1900, the port of Galveston was one of the primary ports for the central western states.  Cotton was one of the major Texas exports.  There was also a United States Customs House in Galveston.  We have created a number of old nautical Texas clocks reflecting that era.  Two of the more popular nautical clocks are the Steamship Galveston Clock, and the United States Customs House, Port of Galveston clock.  There are also several others.

Another popular western clock is the Lone Star Coffee brand clock, which hangs in many western kitchens.

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