A Permanent Record of Their New Beginning

Unique Wedding Gift Idea for couple
Wedding Gift for Brother
Marriage Gift for Sister
Anchored in Love Wedding Clock
Tied the Knot Wedding Clock
Special Wedding Gifts

Ryan & Andria were married in San Franciso — the Lansons met in a cooking class — Mark & Shannon spent their honeymoon on a sailboat.

This design with a floral bouquet is one of the most popular.

Gifts for Newlyweds
Marriage Gift for Bride with Bouquet
Wedding Keepsakes

12 inch French dial and French hands

12 inch English dial and English hands

Gift for Daughter Getting Married
Black Dial Wedding Clock
Wedding Clock with Photo of Couple

A design with the couple’s photo makes a great gift that will be treasured for years to come.

Wedding Clock with Bible Verse
1st Wedding Anniversary Gift
One Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her
Classy Wedding Gift Using Invitation
Wedding Invitation Clock
Unique Wedding Gifts for the Bride and Groom
Hebrew Wedding Clock
Wedding Gift Using Invitation
Wedding Invitation Clock
Nantucket Wedding Clock
Amazing Wedding Gift with Monogram
Creative Wedding Gift Ideas

A scallop shell graphic was used on the couple’s wedding invitation and place cards.

The monogram was from their invitation.

A bouquet of lavender was on their invitation.

Custom Destination Wedding Clock
Wedding Clock with Map of Location
Beach Wedding Gift
Unique Personalized Wedding Gift
Marriage Gift for Friend
Wedding Clock - Wayside Inn
Personalized Wedding Gift for Couple
Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples
Destination Wedding Gift - Pebble Beach
Unique Wedding Present
Wedding Gift with Quote from Bible
Christian Wedding Gift with Cross

Many who have received these clocks as wedding gifts have ordered them for their friends getting married.

A Custom Designed Wedding Gift Unlike Any Other

Are you looking for a wedding gift for someone extra special?  Perhaps you have a daughter or son who is getting married, or a favorite niece or nephew or other family member, and the regular gift from the registry is just too ordinary.  Our specialty and passion is creating these one-of-a-kind gifts!  The designs for these unique gifts are created by our graphic artist (with your input) for each couple (with your help), that will reflect something special about them!  We then take this artwork and individually screen print it onto an enamel coated steel clock dial, thus creating an exceptional gift the couple will cherish long after the cookware and linens have worn out.  Give a gift that “tells their story!”  A custom wedding clock is a perfect wedding gift that tells something unique and memorable about the couple.  Every couple has special memories, times, and cherished events that can be memorialized in a gift.  Here are some questions to consider when choosing a best friend’s wedding gift, a parent’s gift to the bride and groom, or a special wedding gift for a daughter or son.

  • How or where did the couple meet?
  • Was there a special interest that brought the couple together?  
  • Is there a wedding theme?                     
  • How and where did the groom propose, and what made it so memorable?      
  • Where was the couple married?                                                                              
  • Was it a destination wedding or a beach wedding?                                         
  • What was unique about the couple’s marriage or the couple’s engagement?
  • Where did the newlyweds spend their honeymoon?

Let us create the perfect wedding gift for your special couple!

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