These Creative Wedding Proposals
make a unique and romantic way to propose.
Here are some great “Will you marry me?” ideas.

Creative Wedding Proposals
Will you Marry Me Ideas

To her this was the best wedding proposal ever.

Will you marry me Proposal
Marry Me Proposal

These creative wedding proposals are timeless symbols of
your love and commitment she will cherish forever.

For this religious couple, the lyrics from this song made a
very creative proposal.  For her it was the perfect proposal with his special message on the back.

Personal Message on Proposal Love Gift
Romantic Marriage Proposal Idea

A Surprise Wedding Proposal

Considering where to propose, he remembered that their favorite date was at this lighthouse.  Wanting his proposal to be a complete surprise, he took her to the lighthouse and made a simple romantic proposal with the above Timeless Proposal piece and a ring.  She was thrilled, and crying with joy said, “YES!”

You are the light of my life.”
was a very creative wedding proposal.

Unique Ways to Propose

For this “Will you marry me?” proposal, he used
a marriage proposal poem.

Creative Proposal Idea

A simple wedding proposal can
often be the best way to propose.

These Timeless Proposal Pieces are love proposal gifts that create an amazing way to propose.  They are also tangible expressions of love and commitment that she will cherish forever.

Romantic proposals are wonderful events that will be talked about by friends and couples for years to come.  There are many great ways to propose, whether it’s a small dinner, a family gathering or a large special event, the wedding proposal will always be beautiful and romantic.

Romantic places to propose can be very meaningful to the future bride.  Was it where you met, where you had your first date, or where you first told her you loved her?  Will it be a surprise marriage proposal?  There are many great ways to propose and some very unique proposal ideas.

However, the most important part of the event will be the way you actually ask her to marry you.

Will it be at the beach where you have written in the sand, “Will you marry me?”  Will it be a gathering of friends holding signs that say, “Will you marry me?”  Will you be at a restaurant where you have them bring to the table a cake with “Marry Me” written in the frosting? 

How about having your proposal printed on a special object, one that not only asks, “Will you marry me?”, but will also tells her about your love and commitment; an object that will last and one she will cherish long after the proposal event.

Love gifts by John Borin creates a timeless proposal piece that will allow you to express yourself in a very romantic way.  Your proposal, printed on an enamel coated steel clock dial, will blow her away!

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