A Permanent Record of Their New Beginning

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Your wedding love gift can be a simple design with just their names and the wedding date…

or it can be elaborate, humorous or sentimental.

unique Wedding Gift for Bride and Groom

On the following slides
are some great ideas for creating your special custom wedding gift!

Cool Wedding Gift Idea Using Photo of Couple
Wedding Gift for Best Friend Female

A design with the couple’s photo makes a great gift that will be treasured for years to come.

Custom Wedding Gift Using Wedding Invitation
Wedding Gift Ideas for Bride - from Invitation

Here’s a Great Idea!
Create a design from their “Save the Date” card.

Unique Wedding Presents
Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends
Wedding Gift Ideas for Couple
Personal Wedding Gifts with Monogram

The scallop shell was the graphic used on the couple’s wedding invitation and place cards.

The monogram was from their invitation.

Best Friend Wedding Gift
Wedding Gift for Daughter

Paula & Jerry were married on New Providence Island in the Bahamas.

John & Michele were married on St. Maarten Island in the Carribean.

Wedding Gifts from Parents
Wedding Gift for Best Friend Bride
Creative Wedding Gifts for Friends
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Their wedding and reception were
on the yacht Ovation.

Kevin and Megan were married at
The Chanler at Cliff Walk
in Newport, Rhode Island.

The drawings of the yacht and the mansion were created by Brian Colley.

Meaningful Wedding Gifts
Wedding Gifts for Friends
Wedding Gift with Quote from Bible
Christian Wedding Gift with Cross

The following floral pattern design is our
most popular wedding gift.

wedding Keepsake Ideas
Unique Personalized Wedding Gifts

Many who have received these clocks as wedding gifts have ordered them for their friends getting married.

These simple designs are also very popular.

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Special Wedding Gift for Friends

A Custom Designed Wedding Clock is a Love Gift that Tells a Couple’s Story

Are you looking for the perfect wedding gift — a unique wedding gift that the couple will cherish long after the cookware and linens have worn out?  Give a gift that “tells their story!”  A custom wedding clock is a perfect wedding gift that tells something unique and memorable about the couple.  Every couple has special memories, times, and cherished events that can be memorialized in a gift.  Here are some questions to consider when choosing a best friend’s wedding gift, a parent’s gift to the bride and groom, or a special wedding gift for a daughter or son.

  • How or where did the couple meet?
  • Was there a special interest that brought the couple together?                      
  • How and where did the groom propose, and what made it so memorable?      
  • Where was the couple married?                                                                              
  • Was it a destination wedding or a beach wedding?                                         
  • What was unique about the couple’s marriage or the couple’s engagement?
  • Where did the newlyweds spend their honeymoon?

To create these wedding clocks we use a steel dial as a canvas on which to create a custom designed wedding gift — a gift that uniquely tells a couple’s story.  Here on our website you will find many thoughtful wedding gift ideas such as a parents’ gift to the bride and groom or a special wedding gift for a daughter or as a best friend’s wedding gift. 
Let us create the perfect wedding gift for your special couple!

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