A Custom Designed Wedding Clock is a Love Gift that Tells a Couple’s Story

Are you looking for the perfect wedding gift — a unique wedding gift that the couple will cherish long after the cookware and linens have worn out?  Give a gift that “tells their story!”  A custom wedding clock is a perfect wedding gift that tells something unique and memorable about the couple.  Every couple has special memories, times, and cherished events that can be memorialized in a gift.  Here are some questions to consider when choosing a best friend’s wedding gift, a parent’s gift to the bride and groom, or a special wedding gift for a daughter or son.

  • How or where did the couple meet?
  • Was there a special interest that brought the couple together?                      
  • How and where did the groom propose, and what made it so memorable?      
  • Where was the couple married?                                                                              
  • Was it a destination wedding or a beach wedding?                                         
  • What was unique about the couple’s marriage or the couple’s engagement?
  • Where did the newlyweds spend their honeymoon?

To create these wedding clocks we use a steel dial as a canvas on which to create a custom designed wedding gift — a gift that uniquely tells a couple’s story.  Here on our website you will find many thoughtful wedding gift ideas such as a parents’ gift to the bride and groom or a special wedding gift for a daughter or as a best friend’s wedding gift. 
Let us create the perfect wedding gift for your special couple!

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