Personalized Retirement Clock as Honorable Retirement Gifts

Honor those whose contributions have made your organization what it is today by creating a tangible expression of gratitude and respect — a tribute at their retirement.  The clocks in the slideshow above are examples of special tributes given as executive retirement gifts.  They also illustrate the many different occupations where these unique retirement clocks are given.  For example, the retirement gifts for educators have been given to teachers, coaches, principals, college professors and school presidents.  Some of these clocks have been given as police retirement gits, firefighter retirement gifts, and some for retiring doctors.

Military Retirement Clock

If you are looking for some great military retirement gifts, samples of Navy, Air Force and USMC retirement gifts are also included.  These have also been given as transfer, change of command, and promotion gifts.

Retirement Clock as Farewell Gift for Coworker

Our clocks are also popular retirement gifts for coworkers given to them by fellow employees.  They make great farewell gifts for coworkers because fellow employees can sign the back of the clock creating a lasting reminder of those special employee relationships.  There is also an optional book where all the coworkers can write special farewell comments.  These also make great going away gifts for coworkers who may be transferring to another division and moving to another part of the country.

What Makes These Gifts Special

At our studio we specialize in creating these unique retirement gifts and farewell presents.  Each retirement clock is designed for its specific customer.

All of our designs are screen printed with enamel ink on an enamel coated steel dial — not paper glued to particle board, and the designs we create are not limited by what a computerized engraving machine can do.

If you have an employee or fellow worker who is retiring, we would love to work with you to create a special design for  their retirement gift.

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