Group Gifts from Friends & Coworkers

Group gifts are gifts given to an individual or couple by a group of friends or coworkers.

When a fellow employee or association member is retiring or moving away, friends and coworkers are often looking for special farewell gift ideas — ideas for a farewell present that will be both memorable and will remind the recipient of the friendships formed.

Our specialty is creating one-of-a-kind custom farewell presents that are uniquely designed for the individuals receiving them.

To create these goodbye group gifts we use a clock dial as a canvas on which we screen print a design that tells something about the recipient’s farewell — the place they are leaving or the place they are going — and about the group saying goodbye.

We work with the customer to create a design for a farewell gift for a colleague,  one that reflects something about the recipient and their relation to the group giving the gift.  Whether it’s a farewell gift for a coworker, farewell gift for a boss, a friend, a teacher, a military change of command or just someone moving on to another opportunity, these farewell gifts become cherished reminders of those relationships and true family heirlooms.  See examples of some of the retirement clocks we’re created.

We have created many group goodbye/farewell gifts.  One of the favorites was done for a lady retiring who said she was giving up cooking and instead just going to play golf.  They had us make a kitchen clock for her with the wording, “Kitchen Closed!  Muffy’s playing golf.”

Beautiful Personalized Clocks - Custom Clocks - Wedding Clocks - Anniversary Clocks - Retirement Clocks

A special feature that makes these perfect group farewell gifts for friends is the back of the clock.  The back is designed so that members of the group giving the clock can sign the back, thus creating a lasting reminder of their friendship.  there is also a special optional feature that becomes a “Permanent Gift Card.”  this “Gift Card” includes a plexiglas-covered plaque for a personal message.  Unlike a regular gift card, this one won’t be thrown away.

The Back of the Clock …

Beautiful Personalized Clocks - Custom Clocks - Wedding Clocks - Anniversary Clocks - Retirement Clocks

Is someone in your office or group getting married?  These clocks also make great wedding gifts for couples — very meaningful wedding gifts.  they are especially meaningful when given by a group.  See examples.

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