The Family Home

A house is built of walls and beams; a home is made of love and dreams.  This is what our house portrait clocks are all about.

As unique house warming gifts these clocks will be received as a wonderful representation of a family’s new beginning.  As time goes on, the clock will become a meaningful symbol of all the great moments the family has shared in this home, even those trying times that have brought them closer together.

Unlike many of the common house warming gifts, this gift will someday be a reminder to the young family members of those special times they had growing up — a symbol of treasured family memories.  Those who gave this house warming present will be included in those treasured family memories.  (The optional back plaque will always act as a reminder.)

This clock will eventually become a cherished family heirloom.

For Second Homes

What about those great second homes:  a mountain cabin, a beach house, or a lake house – those special places where the couple or family will spend their summers and important weekends and holidays?  See our Rustic Clocks.  Check out our Beach Clocks.

The second home clocks are great house warming gifts!  In fact many of these house portrait clocks are ordered by the home owners themselves because these second homes are so loved and meaningful to them.

Many of the new house gifts are given by family members or close friends.  Some are given by coworkers, others by church groups and associations of which the home owner is a member.

A large number of these personalized house warming gifts are given by real estate brokers to their customers who have purchased new homes.  These new home presents are greatly appreciated.

Creative Wedding Gifts for Friends

Some customers looking for special wedding gifts have had us put drawings of the church or the special place (mansion, resort, etc.) where the couple was married.  See our Wedding Clocks.

Some merchants have had drawings of their businesses made.  See our Business Clocks.

The Artist

The drawings on the house portrait clocks are done by Colorado artist Brian Colley.  Our customers submit a photo of the house, and Mr. Colley creates a beautiful drawing from the photo.  (See examples above.)

There is an additional charge for his artwork.

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