Custom Kitchen Clocks

Every kitchen has a clock.

Make yours special!

Is your kitchen a fun place, a place where the family gathers, or is it a formal kitchen?  Shouldn’t your clock be a reflection of the kitchen and the family?

What makes these custom kitchen clocks so great is that they can be a reflection of the chef and the family.  Some are vintage style kitchen clocks; others are just fun and joyous.  In fact any of these will probably become a family heirloom — a fond memory of the chef and his or her personality and the openness and love in the family.  Above are some great kitchen gift ideas.

The Family Kitchen Clock

Many families have created these clocks to tell about activities and the meal preparations that take place in the family kitchen, all of which are wonderful expressions of love.

Many kitchen clocks purchased for Mom by family members say “Mom’s Kitchen: Cooking with Love.”  Some say “Everything Prepared with Love, Humor, and Passion” — a perfect gift for Mom.

For some newlyweds and seniors (great anniversary gifts), their clocks will say “Cooking Together Since ______.”  On some clocks one mate is named the chef and the other the assistant chef — team work.

Many family clocks for the litchen list the chef’s best dish.  Some even list the recipe, and all will acknowledge the chef’s talent.  these clocks have all been purchased as love gifts for the chef.

The Lady of the House — The Master Chef

These clocks make very creative gifts for Mom.  some give these clocks as expressions of love, others as expressions of love and humor.  Often the clock is used as Mom’s Rules Sign for the kitchen.  there are those ladies who put on the clock that the “Kitchen is for Display Only — No Cooking Allowed.”  All of these clocks have been created with a sense of joy and humor, making them the perfect present for Mom.  Many of these clocks are created as a Mother’s Day gift for Mom.

Grandma – Nana – Nonna

We have made so many clocks for Grandma or Nana.  Her cooking is a family favorite, and an expression of her love.  In fact many of the clocks say “Cooking With Love.”  Most of them are given as Grandma Mother’s Day gifts.

For the Wine Lovers

Are you searching for gift ideas for wine lovers — those connoisseurs who enjoy collecting and sharing vintage wines?  You can create unique wine gifts with special kitchen or wine room clocks that reflect the wine lover’s passion.  Many of these connoisseurs are couples, and often the wording on their clock is “Cooking Together Since ____ (a wedding date).”  Some also say “We will Drink no Wine Before Its Time — IT’S TIME,” while another says “IT’S WINE O’CLOCK.”

Family Heritage & Ethnic Clocks

We have made many clocks with wording in other languages, reflecting the family heritage of many recipients.  some have been shipped to other countries.  The most popular are Italian kitchen clocks or Cucina Italiana clocks.  These are great for Italian kitchen decor, and make great Italian themed gifts.  We have made many Italian clocks for Nonnas and even some for Italian restaurants.

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