Celebrating Family

Family Keepsake Ideas

One thing valued most in life is family.  Many of our treasured memories come from special family times.

Celebrating family with a special family keepsake that acknowledges its principles, its unity and its love in a permanent and lasting way is most meaningful.

Our steel clock dials are a “canvas” on which that keepsake can be created expressing family love in a beautiful and lasting way.

Family Tree Gift Ideas

Some of these canvases are quite simple, for example, a clock showing a personalized family tree.  This creates a great family record by listing the family name along with names of the parents, children and grandchildren.

The Family Home

Many express the true concept of home as an important part of their family.  “Home is where the heart is.”

Others have had drawings of their homes made, and others have clocks made representing the location of their family home.  These family home clock designs represent some true family keepsake ideas.  See more family home clocks with drawings.

Religious Themes

Religious values are very important to so many families.  Having a cross with a significant Bible or religious quote along with with the family name on a clock, is an important statement of the family’s beliefs and values.  these also make unique Christian gifts.  We have also made clocks with Hebrew numbers and religious quotes.  These all make wonderful religious gift ideas.

A Custom Family Rules Sign

A number of customers have wanted a clock used as a sign for their personalized family rules.  This can be a unique way to display the family rules!

Family Rules Sign

Family Pets

Animals are very important members of many families, especially dogs and cats.  We have made clocks with photos and drawings of the family pets along with the pets’ names.  Putting a quote such as “Home is where the dogs are” (as on the clock below) makes a great gift for a dog lover.  These make great pet lover gifts for friends.

Lasting Images

A family photo clock, screen printed with enamel ink on an enamel coated steel dial, becomes a permanent record and celebration of the family.  Some are photos of the children, and some are photos of a special time or event, thus creating wonderful memories.  Other clocks have photos of the whole family, crating a “Time Spent with Family”clock.

If you have some family keepsake ideas and would like us to create a special memory keepsake of your family, we would love to have the opportunity to work with you to create one.  Please contact us and tell us your ideas.

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