Custom Business Wall Clocks

Custom business wall clocks are one of the larger groups of clocks we sell.  Most company lobbies have a clock.  Some of our custom business wall clocks, hanging in the customer’s lobby, were purchased by the organization itself.  What has surprised us though is the large number of these corporate clocks that were purchased as gifts and presented to the company.

Gifts from Suppliers

In many instances a company’s supplier will purchase one of these clocks as a gift, knowing they are great for executive office decor.  Most put their customer’s logo on the front of the clock with a personal message on the back.  Others put a small message from the supplier on the front of the clock underneath the company logo.  Some of these special corporate clocks have been given as business thank you gifts after the closing of a large sale.

We have made a number of clocks using a supplier’s company logo.  These clocks have been given to customers as promotional gifts.  They make great office wall clocks.

A Gift from Employees to the Founder

Our company has made a number of business clocks that were created as gifts for company founders.  these special clocks have been given to them by their employees.  Some have been given to them as company anniversary gifts and others given on their retirement.  A number of these company clocks have been given as gifts from employees to the company CEO.  We have also made a number of corporate clocks as corporate anniversary gifts for the CEO.  These make perfect personalized office gifts for him or her.

Gifts from Family and Friends

Many small companies, retail stores, etc. have had these special clocks created for them by family and close friends.

Beautiful Personalized Clocks - Custom Clocks - Wedding Clocks - Anniversary Clocks - Retirement Clocks
Beautiful Personalized Clocks - Custom Clocks - Wedding Clocks - Anniversary Clocks - Retirement Clocks

Retirement Gifts

These corporate clocks have made very valued retirement gifts.  Most have the company logo with the recipient’s full name, his title and the years of his employment.  Many organizations have put special messages on the optional back plaque on the back of the clock.

We have received many emails from retirees who have received these clocks as retirement gifts, expressing their gratitude and telling how much these gifts mean to them.  They refer to these special gifts as “Family Heirlooms.”  See examples.

If one of these special business clocks would work for you, in your office or as a gift, we would be delighted to work with you to create your special design.

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