A Business Created by its Customers

A Business Created by its Customers

There are certain individuals who have the uncanny ability to come up with the perfect gift — one that is unique and just right for the occasion.

As a manufacturer of steel dial clocks, we were approached by one of these individuals.  This person wanted to have a special wedding gift created for a very close friend.  Unlike a gift from the registry, she wanted a gift that would uniquely reflect the couple.

As clock makers, she asked if we could assist her in creating this special wedding gift.  We worked closely with her to create her design and screen printed it on one of our steel clock dials.  She was elated!  She loved her special gift, and so did the recipients!

We then decided to make several sample “custom wedding clocks” and put them in a few gift shops.

New Ideas Kept Coming

Soon we started receiving calls, but not just for wedding clocks.  There were so many different types of custom clocks our new customers wanted.  We were amazed!

Many who saw the sample wedding clocks had some great ideas.  An executive wanted us to create a clock as an award honoring a project manager.  Another person wanted a special anniversary clock for his wife.  New ideas from these creative individuals kept coming:  family clocks, anniversary clocks, nautical clocks, house portrait clocks, business clocks, gifts for her, gifts for him, golf trophies, retirement clocks, beach clocks, hunting and fishing clocks, kitchen clocks, etc.

To see some of these special clocks visit our website.

Today, working with our customers to create designs for their special clocks is our business.

To our customers, their clocks are not about time,

They are a mode of expression:

To express their gratitude and appreciation,

To celebrate and acknowledge a special event,

To recognize and honor achievement,

And to share their love, joy, and humor.

A custom designed John Borin Clock does this in a unique, personal, and lasting way.  It also keeps excellent time.

Creating These
Special Gifts/Awards is our

If you need a special gift/award for an important occasion, we would love the opportunity to work with you to create a design for your gift — a design that will be unique to the recipient and the occasion.

Personalized Clocks created by customers

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