First Anniversary Gift for Her

The Modern First Anniversary Gift

Are you looking for a 1st anniversary gift that will be a very unique and lasting expression of your love – a gift that will be cherished by your wife as a special reminder of your love and commitment?

Since the modern first anniversary gift is a clock, we use an enamel coated steel dial clock as a canvas on which to create your special design.  There are many wonderful ways to express your love and commitment using a 1st anniversary clock.

First Anniversary Gift Ideas Showing a Special Place or Time

Some prefer to make it very simple with just their name and wedding date.  Others will use a graphic or an image of the place where they were married, or spent their honeymoon or the place where they met.fourth-wedding-anniversary-gift

First Anniversary Gift Ideas Using a Favorite Photo

Others use their favorite wedding photograph or a photograph taken during their honeymoon and include a special message.  Some tell a story.  The possibilities are limitless.

First Anniversary Gift Ideas with a Special Quote, Message, or Memory

Many use quotes, song lyrics or their own messages.


On the clock below, this gentleman had a great idea for a first anniversary gift.


About these First Anniversary Clocks

The designs for these first anniversary clocks are screen printed with enamel ink on an enamel coated steel dial, just as they were 150 years ago.  On the back of the clock, you can write your own personal message.

Optional Back Plaque for a Personal Message

There is also an optional feature – a plexiglass covered back plaque which can be printed with your personal message.  There is also a slot behind the plaque where you can insert a personal letter to your wife or a copy of your vows.


One of the great things about a first anniversary clock is that it is a gift that your wife will remember and treasure forever.  As I was writing this blog my wife asked me what I gave her on our 1st anniversary.  Neither of us could remember.  I wish these clocks were available back then!  And by the way, this is a gift that will certainly become a family heirloom.  It could well be the centerpiece on the table at your 50th anniversary.

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P.S.  These make great 5th anniversary gifts, a 10th anniversary gift, a 15th anniversary gift and great 50th anniversary gifts for parents.

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