A Special Way to Honor Achievement

Is your organization creative and innovative?  Shouldn’t your awards be?

Today’s awards for employee recognition fall into several common categories.  Most are plaques, trophies, glass plaques, glass statues, etc.  Many successful individuals have shelves full of these awards.

But what about those important occasions when an award will be presented honoring a significant achievement? Shouldn’t the award for this significant achievement be something special, unique – an award the recipient would be proud to receive and display?

Retirement Awards

The retirement award shown below was presented at a large banquet honoring the couple who were founding members of the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra.

Beautiful Personalized Clocks - Custom Clocks - Wedding Clocks - Anniversary Clocks - Retirement Clocks

The great advantage of steel dial clocks as awards for employee recognition is that the design possibilities are practically unlimited.  Custom awards can be created that have been designed specifically for the recipient or recipients as in the example above.

Special Sales Achievement Awards

Another example – the top regional manager of the year at this organization was affectionately called “The Bear.”  The company wanted an image of a tough looking bear along with his nickname and other information including his title, etc., on his special sales achievement award. 

personalized manager awards

The Annual Sales Meeting

For an organization’s annual meeting, these clocks make exceptional sales awards, service awards, marketing awards, and of course golf awards.

For Sponsors of Charitable Events

Special clocks can be created as appreciation awards for the generous sponsors of charitable events.  These sponsors hang their appreciation awards in their offices or lobbies with great pride.

corporate award personalized clock
personalized golf award clock
yacht club award personalized gift clock

Research Awards

A national major oil company has given these as special achievement awards to their scientist and chemist for reaching special goals.

corporate award gift clocks

Industry Association Awards

Different industry associations give these clocks as appreciation awards to the outgoing president of the association and to the outgoing board members.

insurance award custom clock
custom insurance award clocks

If you are looking for an exceptional unique award for recognizing a special achievement or event, we would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to work with you to create your exceptional award.  Please contact us for a free design of your special award.

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