Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts

A Custom Anniversary Clock
designed to honor those whose love and commitment continues to grow

Unique 50th Anniversary Gifts
60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Golden Wedding Anniversary Presents

Many are given as expressions of
love and gratitude from one spouse to the other.

45th Anniversary Gift for Husband
Golden Anniversary Gift Ideas
50th Anniversary Gift for Wife
Fiftieth Anniversary Gifts

Others are given by loving friends and family members.

50th Anniversary Gift Ideas
50th Wedding Anniversary Presents
50th anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents
50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas - Wedding Photo

On the above designs, the family used original wedding photos.

Golden Anniversary Gifts
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas - Religious
Silver Anniversary Gifts

Does your special couple have a Common Interest or Passion?

Unique Anniversary Gifts
25 Year Anniversary Gift for Wine Lovers
40th Anniversary Gifts for Parents who Golf
10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas - Creative
40 Year Anniversary Gift

Some use family signatures in place of numbers.

Anniversary Gift Idea for Parents from Kids
Unique 50th Anniversary Gift with Signatures

Are they from a foreign country?

50th Anniversary Gift Idea - Brazil
50th Anniversary Gift - Spanish
Personalized 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts -
50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.  
Robert Browning

50 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift
Golden Anniversary Gifts for Parents
40 Year Anniversary Gift

The above are the most popular anniversary gift designs.

Some prefer a very simple design.

50th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends
50th Anniversary Gifts for Parents
Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
50 Year Anniversary Gift

Personalized 40th, 45th, or 50th Anniversary Love Gift
A Cherished Keepsake

For those whose love and commitment continues to grow, the 40th, 45th, and 50th anniversaries are the perfect times to celebrate their special journey. You can acknowledge these milestone anniversaries with a special expression of your love — a custom anniversary love gift they will treasure.

Each love gift is personal and designed for the couple.  Perhaps there’s a quote or verse from a song that’s meaningful to them or a special wedding photo they both love!  These custom anniversary gifts make a unique 50th wedding anniversary gift for parents and can be given as a group gift from their children.  Whether it’s a 40th, 45th, 50th or even 60th anniversary,  they deserve a milestone anniversary gift that is as beautiful as their relationship!  And it let’s them know how much they are appreciated! 

In the slideshow above, you will see many 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas that are unique and personal to the couple receiving them.  Some of these golden anniversary gifts are very simple with just the names of the couple along with the words “50 Years” or “50th Anniversary” or perhaps with a simple graphic such as a floral bouquet.  There are also designs that have a favorite quote, a meaningful Bible verse, a special photo, or lyrics from “their song.”  Some of these love gifts  that have been given by children to their parents have meaningful messages or sayings on the dial. 

So, it is easy to see that the design possibilities are endless! We would love to work with you to create a personalized 40th, 45th, or 50th anniversary love clock for someone special to you!  Contact us today for a FREE proof!

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