Our Concept

We are unique as a clock maker!

Each clock we produce is custom screen printed with a design that has been specially created for each customer.

One Clock at a Time

Screen printing is a process used for large production runs, but we use it to create just one clock.  Extraordinary?  Yes.  But the result is a one-of-a-kind clock that will last many generations.

We start with a heavy gauge steel dial and add 4 coats of enamel paint.  The designs are screen printed with enamel ink, just as clocks were made 150 years ago — creating a gift that will last many generations.

Our clocks are not printed paper glued to particle board!

We make our own hands.  Our hands are individually cut from heavy-gauge steel.  The clocks come in two sizes — 12 inch and 16 inches in diameter.  There are two basic dial colors — white and ivory.  There are three standard dial designs.  English dial with English hands — French dial with French hands — Western dial with western hands.

The Movement

The movement is a precision high-torque quartz movement.  Because of the size and weight of our hands, this special movement is required.  The movement is battery operated.


To authenticate the clock, it is signed and dated by Mr. Borin upon completion.

American Made

These clocks are handcrafted in the United States using American materials.  (The movement is made in Germany.)

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